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Special place for Meredith and Derek.

But there can’t be any doubt, Laurie. Because doubt is fire. And fire is gonna burn you up, until you are but ash.

The Leftovers - Gladys

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I do not own the pictures. all credits to (x)

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Some straight like you, giant stick up his ass at like what, sixty, he’s just gonna break bad?

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See how the crisis in Gaza is leaking into our beloved pop music here.

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Masters of Sex | 2x01
Death shall come on swift wings to him who disturbs the peace of the king.” Our study did not have a tomb or a king. Oh, it had a king.

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Distance, timing, breakdown, fighting…

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Do people come up to you at Comic Con and want to feel your head, you know, to make sure everything is a-okay? Yeah, well, they actually don’t want to feel my head and make sure it’s okay. They actually want to squish it. Everyone’s like, “Can I gouge your eyes out for this selfie?” (laughs) And I’m like, “Sure.” - Pedro Pascal

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Click here to watch Jon Stewart and Larry Wilmore talk about police misconduct on last night’s Daily Show.

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"Spreading democracy in the Middle East is so hard. Maybe we shouldn’t have done it Second Amendment first." -Jon Stewart

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Bradley Cooper freaking out in 9 gifs

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